Q: What are “picks”?
A: Say there are 10 puppies in a litter – 5 male, 5 female. Whoever gets first pick male gets to choose which puppy they want first out of all the male pups before the other 4 people pick. Same goes with females. Second pick gets to choose next and so on until 5th pick gets the remaining puppy. Picks are made when the pups turn 6 weeks old.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: How spaced out you want your payments to be made is completely up to you. Puppies must be paid for in full by 6 weeks of age. Only a deposit is required to hold your spot. Let’s say you saw that we were about to do a breeding and wanted to reserve a pup; the dam is pregnant for 63 days and then the litter would be whelped for 8 weeks before the pups go home at week 9. This allows almost 5 months to break up your payments in the best way that works for you. Even if you don’t know about the breeding until the puppies are about to be born, you will still have 2-3 months to pay for your puppy in full (aside from the deposit).

Q: Do I have to get my pups ears cropped?
A: It is totally up to you whether to get your pups ears cropped or not. The decision is usually made when the picks are made, which is at 6 weeks. We can get it done for you when they turn 8 weeks for an additional cost, or you can do it once you have your pup so you can be there and choose where you would like to go to get the procedure done.